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Independent Study

On occasion, students must miss school because of a family trip or emergency during the school year.  When this occurs, we request that the student, his or her parent or guardian, and his or her teachers sign an Independent Study Contract. This process must be completed before the absence. The procedure for implementing an Independent Study Contract is as follows:  
Independent Study may only be assigned if a student is going to miss 5 or more days.  

Parent/guardian sends a note to school stating the dates of the intended absence and the reason for the absence a week in advance.   

The Attendance Clerk will give an Independent Study Contract to the student, who will give the form to each of his or her teachers to sign.

After getting all teachers' signatures, students are to return to the Attendance Clerk at the beginning of seventh period.  

The student and his or her parent/guardian must then sign the contract.

Upon returning from his or her trip, the student will turn in all of his/her work to the Attendance Clerk in the office. The office will verify completion of the Independent Study Contract and notify each teacher.     

Credit will be given in attendance and in each subject area after verification of completion.