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Closed Campus

Bud Carson Middle School is a closed campus, which means that students cannot leave the grounds until the close of the school day without the permission of an administrator. Parents or adults authorized to pick a student up must sign the student out in the office in order for the student to leave campus early. Students will not be allowed to leave campus alone during the school day. This has been established for the safety of the students.

School Information

Lunch Program

Parents are no longer required to submit a completed application for the federal lunch program. Breakfast and lunch are free for all


HSD Food Services Website - Monthly Menu


All textbooks must be covered.  We loan books to students. If students lose or damage books, they are responsible for covering the cost of the book. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR BOOKS! All fines for books must be paid to receive report cards, transfer papers, or eighth grade promotion certificates.

Textbook Adoptions

All K-8 core instructional materials in the Hawthorne School District are selected from publisher’s submissions that have been approved by the California State Department of Education.

Each of the following series has been adopted by the Board of Trustees for use in the Hawthorne School District following a rigorous evaluation and selection process that included the active involvement of parents, teachers and school administrators. Materials are adopted on a cycle established by the State Board of Education.  

Book Adoption
Emergency Contact Information

For the safety of your child, an Emergency Information Update Sheet will be sent home. This sheet contains personal information, such as names and telephone numbers, of people to contact in an emergency. It is extremely important for you to report any CHANGE OF INFORMATION to the office during the year. Only the adults whose names appear on this sheet will be allowed to have contact with students at school.

Rewards and Recognitions

Our school makes every effort to create a positive school climate. Our rewards and recognition include:

     · Honor Roll Certificates
     · Principal's List Certificates
     · Positive Incentives
     · School Dances
     · Trimester Rewards
     · Awards Assemblies
     · Science Fair Winners

 8th Grade Only: 
     · American Legion Outstanding Student Award     
     · Bud Carson Athletic Award 
     · Presidential Academic Fitness Program
     · Robert Hartman Scholarship


Husky Norms