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Physical Education

Mr. Giesler Rm 7
Mrs. Kratz Rm 7
Mr. J. Stewart Rm 7
BCMS Teachers

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Cunningham Rm 231 Ms. Smith  Rm 17
Ms. Dollarhide Rm 15 Mrs. Villegas Rm 18
Ms. Fortin  Rm 132  Mrs. Cirillo Rm 13
Mrs. Mackie Rm 1 Mrs. Johnson Rm 9
Mrs. Chavez Rm 25 Mr. Cirillo Rm. 10
Ms. Rosen  Rm 14 Mrs. Bryant   Rm. 16

7th Grade

Mr. Anderson Rm 6 Ms. Hadley Rm 4
Mrs. Arambula Rm 136 Mrs. Icasiano Rm 133
Mr. Asencio Rm 236 Mrs. Mackie Rm 1
Mrs. Cunningham Rm 231 Mrs. Middleton Rm 233
Ms. Fortin Rm 132 Mr Roos Rm. 5
Mrs. Clark Rm 134    

8th Grade

Mr. Carter Rm 235 Mrs. Navarro Rm 135
Mrs. Cunningham Rm 231 Mr. Roos Rm 5
Ms Fortin Rm. 132 Ms. Ruvalcaba Rm 232
Mr. G. Stewart Rm 27 Ms. Ruvalcaba AVID Rm 232
Mrs. Mackie Rm 1
Mrs. Middleton Rm 233    
Mrs. Mims Rm 234

Support Staff

Mr. Ponce Special Projects
Ms. Tombros Psychologist
Dr. O'Bryan Counselor
Mr. Lebouf Resource Specialist
Mr. Senn Resource specialist
Mr. Marin Computer Technician