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Sports Report

Cross Country

What is Cross County???

Cross-country running is a running event in which runners and their teams compete to gain first place on a course over open or rough terrain. The courses used at these events may include grass, mud, woodlands, hills, flat ground and water. It is a popular participatory sport, and usually takes place in temperate regions during the autumn and winter when soft conditions underfoot prevail.

Why do people do Cross Country???

Some reasons are to get in better shape, to compete against other schools, to be part of a team, to challenge ourselves, if they are really fast and hard workers they could become olympic countrys.

How does it help atlethes???

helps atlethes set goals,get healther, and get stronger so they can face some big races.

What do you do to train???

We do stretchs so we don't injure our muscles, we do strength training to make us stronger to be faster. We do alots of running uphill on the flats to make heart and lungs stronger.

Basketball and Bud Carson?

Basketball is a widely popular sport offered at BCMS. It is a fine source of exercise and fun played by two teams that score points by shooting a ball into netted hoops on the opponents side of the court. Basketball at Bud Carson is played with a spirit and passion like no other. We have amazing A-team, B-team, and girl players who do their best. Our winning attitude and confidence has lead us to many victories here at the home of the huskies.